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March 30, 2023

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Arnoni Moving Services, a reputable moving and storage service provider, approached SEO Top-Up with the objective of improving their online visibility and generating more leads through their website. With a commitment to offering top-notch relocation and storage solutions in San Jose, California, Arnoni Moving Services needed an effective digital marketing strategy to connect with their target audience and establish a competitive edge in the local market.

Client Details:

  • Business Name: Arnoni Moving Services
  • Business Category: Moving and Storage Service
  • Business Website:
  • Business Address: San Jose, California, United States
Before-Arnoni Moving Services


Arnoni Moving Services, despite being a reputable local business, encountered challenges that are common to many companies seeking to maximize their online presence. The challenges included:

  1. Limited Online Visibility: The business struggled to appear prominently in search engine results for relevant keywords like “Moving and storage service,” “Moving and storage service near me,” and “Moving and storage service San Jose, California.” This hindered their ability to reach potential customers actively searching for their services.

  2. Competition: The moving and storage service industry is competitive, with numerous local players vying for the same target audience. Arnoni Moving Services needed a strategy to stand out and attract potential customers.

  3. Lack of Targeted Traffic: The website was receiving traffic, but it was not highly targeted. Many visitors were not genuinely interested in the services offered, resulting in a lower conversion rate.

SEO Top-Up's Strategic Approach:

Recognizing the potential of Arnoni Moving Services and the challenges they faced, SEO Top-Up devised a comprehensive SEO strategy that combined various techniques to boost the client’s online presence, drive relevant traffic, and ultimately enhance conversions. The agency’s approach encompassed:

1. Local SEO Optimization

Local SEO played a pivotal role in connecting Arnoni Moving Services with their target audience in San Jose, California. SEO Top-Up executed the following local SEO strategies:

  • Google My Business Optimization: SEO Top-Up meticulously optimized Arnoni Moving Services’ Google My Business (GMB) profile, ensuring accurate business information, engaging descriptions, high-quality images, and timely updates.
  • Local Citations: The agency built consistent and accurate citations on reputable online directories and platforms, enhancing the business’s local relevance and credibility.
  • Localized Content: SEO Top-Up curated localized content for the website, incorporating region-specific keywords to align with local search queries.

2. On-Page SEO Enhancements

To make the website search engine-friendly and user-centric, SEO Top-Up implemented a range of on-page SEO optimizations:

  • Keyword Optimization: The agency conducted extensive keyword research and strategically integrated target keywords into relevant website elements, including titles, headings, meta descriptions, and content.
  • Content Quality: SEO Top-Up worked with Arnoni Moving Services to enhance the website’s content quality, making it informative, engaging, and valuable to visitors.
  • Site Structure: The agency optimized the website’s structure, improving navigation and user experience, which contributed to longer on-site engagement.

3. High-Quality Backlink Building

A robust backlink profile is crucial for search engine rankings and domain authority. SEO Top-Up’s backlink strategy included:

  • Guest Posting: The agency identified authoritative websites within the moving and storage industry and secured guest posting opportunities, establishing Arnoni Moving Services as an industry expert.
  • Local Directories: SEO Top-Up strategically placed the business on relevant local directories and platforms, strengthening its online presence within the local ecosystem.

Achieved Results:

Through a collaborative effort and strategic implementation, SEO Top-Up successfully overcame the challenges faced by Arnoni Moving Services, driving remarkable improvements in their online visibility, targeted traffic, and lead generation. The achieved results include:

1. Enhanced Search Engine Rankings

Arnoni Moving Services witnessed a substantial improvement in their search engine rankings for crucial keywords, including “Moving and storage service,” “Moving and storage service near me,” and “Moving and storage service San Jose, California.” These high rankings propelled the business to the top of search engine results, significantly increasing their visibility to potential customers.

2. Increased Organic Traffic

With improved search engine rankings and optimized content, the website experienced a surge in organic traffic. The traffic comprised highly targeted visitors actively seeking moving and storage services, leading to increased engagement and longer time spent on the website.

3. Google My Business Success

Arnoni Moving Services’ Google My Business profile became a valuable asset, with optimized content, positive reviews, and accurate business information. This resulted in enhanced local visibility, making it easier for local customers to find and contact the business.

Local Search Audit report of Arnoni Moving Service-SEO Top Up

4. Higher Conversion Rates

As a direct consequence of the targeted traffic and improved website experience, Arnoni Moving Services observed higher conversion rates. Visitors were more likely to inquire about services, request quotes, and ultimately become paying customers.

5. Strengthened Online Presence

Through strategic backlink building and local directory placements, Arnoni Moving Services’ online presence was strengthened within both the local community and the moving and storage industry. This contributed to the business’s credibility and authority in their field.


The collaboration between SEO Top-Up and Arnoni Moving Services exemplifies the power of a well-executed SEO strategy in transforming a local business’s online presence. By leveraging local SEO, on-page optimizations, and high-quality backlink building, SEO Top-Up successfully tackled the challenges posed by the competitive moving and storage industry. The results speak for themselves—enhanced search engine rankings, increased organic traffic, improved conversion rates, and a stronger online presence.

The case of Arnoni Moving Services underscores the significance of tailored and comprehensive SEO approaches for businesses aiming to stand out in their local markets. As digital landscapes continue to evolve, partnering with an experienced SEO agency like SEO Top-Up can make all the difference in achieving and surpassing digital marketing goals.

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Louis Massaro

Louis Massaro

CEO, Arnoni Moving Services
Our partnership with SEO Top-Up has been a game-changer for Arnoni Moving Services. Facing tough competition in the moving and storage industry, their tailored SEO strategy propelled us to the top of search engine rankings. Our online visibility soared, organic traffic surged, and conversions saw a remarkable boost. Their hands-on approach and meticulous optimization of our Google My Business profile amplified our local presence. With strategic backlink building, our authority within the industry skyrocketed. We wholeheartedly recommend SEO Top-Up – they've not only elevated our digital presence but also fueled our business growth!